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St Nicholas' Church, Trellech

St Nicholas Church Trellech outside
St Nicholas Church Trellech outside

Usual Services

First Sunday
11.00am Holy Communion

11.00am Holy Communion

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    Trellech , Monmouth, NP25 4PZ

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    About St Nicholas Trellech

    St Nicholas

    The church was completely rebuilt in 1310 to serve what was then one of the biggest towns in South Wales. It was created by Earl Richard de Clere, who made it a centre of his iron-working enterprises. The church comfortably seats 240, and combined with the outstanding acoustics, this makes it a good venue for concerts, and for the events held by Trellech Primary School.

    Today we are attempting to make the church building more flexible. So much love has gone into this church with its prayer-soaked walls, and our congregation is determined to prepare it for coming generations.

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