Priory Talk: Jim Cross on Disagreements in the Gospels

On Saturday September 3rd, Jim Cross will give a talk at Monmouth Priory entitled: The disagreements in John and the other gospels – and a PS from Plotinus.

During a challenging talk, Jim says: “the disagreement between John and the other three gospels about the origin of the eucharist or agape. John does not mention the bread and wine at the last supper, except to say that his betrayer will share it with him. He places the institution squarely in Chapter 6v32 et seq, and goes on to say in V66 that many of his disciples turned back. This
disagreement seemed to me to be large enough for serious discussion. In the book by Paul Bradshaw called Eucharistic Origins, it is stated that there were several different interpretations of the Eucharist or Agape, and they are evident to readers of the books of the New Testament. Acts 15 v 37, Acts 18:34 et seq, Acts 10:19et seq/ contrast Galatians 2:11.”

Jim has already recorded a video of the talk, which you can find here: