Ministry Area formation moving ahead

MAC St. Michaels
IMAC St. Michaels

Representatives of our 19 churches met at St. Michael’s Mitchel Troy to continue their work on the shape of the Ministry Area Council that will be the centre of governance for the charity that will oversee the group of churches that will make up the ministry area. The interim finance committee, made up of some of the treasurers of our churches, has put forward some clear ideas on how the funding and costs of running the churches might be handled.

There is still a lot of work to do: one decision that will face us in the near future is what to call the ministry area. Other areas in the Diocese have given themselves rather poetic names – Netherwent, Mountain and Marsh – while others are more geographical, like Newport North West.

The meeting on Wednesday 23rd February was led by Archdeacon Ian Rees and Rev Tim and Rev Karen and facilitated by Steve Martin.