The Anglican Churches in the Monmouth Ministry Area

The Anglican Churches in the Monmouth Ministry Area

Summer 2021

Welcome to our fellowship. Services are happening, events are being planned. Join us! And not just on Sunday.

On this website you’ll find all of our parishes, each with their long history and unique identity. Here too are times and locations of worship and other events so you can plan to celebrate with us as part of  God’s family. You might have to book for a service because of Covid restrictions. But things are easing and some choirs are now practising, getting ready for the day we can sing again!

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Our video fellowship is here too, just below. You can subscribe to Monmouth Praise! Weekly on YouTube. We warmly invite you to join us, online or in church.


Update on latest Covid-19 restrictions

Up to 30 people can now take part in organised indoor activities, depending on space, and up to 50 people in organised outdoor activities. So please find a place to worship with us.