St Mary's Bell Ringers

St Mary's bell ringers before a serviceWe ring for Sunday services at St Mary’s from 9.15 am til 10am, and also for weddings, funerals and civic events. We practice Tuesday evening 7.30 til 9pm.

Would you like to join us?

We desperately need some more ringers. It takes approx 6 months to learn to handle a bell properly, and that means coming every Tuesday to practice.  When proficient at ringing there are lots of other towers you can ring at… and loads of tours away for weekends or Saturdays. You can ring at one church or another every night of the week if you need to get away from home! There are no special requirements to ring except you have to be at least 8 years old and tall enough and strong enough to pull the bell rope without taking your feet off the floor.

The ropes are not scary when you know how to ring. No-one is left to pull a rope without assistance unless the teachers think that you can handle the bells sufficiently well. It is a lifetime of fun and we never stop learning the complicated methods. Do come and see us any Tuesday night and we will help you to learn.

Contact: Tower Captain Margaret Wrightson, 715752 or email here.