Facemasks now needed

The latest coronavirus regulation means that we are able to continue to meet for worship, but that facemasks must now be worn.

  1. At present all attending church or meetings on all church premises including church halls and community centres must wear facemasks at all times.
  2. The only exception: those leading worship/speaking may remove their facemasks to lead the service/read the Bible/lead intercessions, but must put it back on before returning to their seat and must be socially distanced whilst without a face mask. Communion must be in one kind only (except for the Priest), no intinction is permitted.
  3. The people may be invited to come forward to receive, or may receive in their seats where needed, to maintain distancing of the congregation (especially in smaller churches). Where communicants do come forward to receive, they should remain standing and not touch any altar rail, and at no time should they break the 2 metre limit (except when approaching the Priest).
  4. The Priest must sanitize their hands before distribution of communion wafers to the people and/or may wear gloves if preferred. A face mask must  be worn for the distribution of the wafers.



Note: Based on local council guidelines, some activities in Community Centres/Gyms i.e. exercise, may not require the wearing of a mask during the activity itself, but social distancing must still be maintained.