Bishop’s Audit Visitation

15:00pm - 16:30pm
Priory Church of St Mary
Priory St, Usk Usk NP15 1BN


3pm Wednesday 4th October
Priory Church of St Mary, Usk

Bishop Richard, in collaboration with his staff and the Diocesan Team, has decided to carry out an in-depth audit every five years on all Ministry Areas in the Diocese to encourage:

  • every Ministry Area to have a vision for its future;
  • a strong base for the development and growth of ministry areas;
  • a focused understanding of the mission of the church and its engagement in society;
  • our churches to be sustainable and fit-for-purpose in the 21st century;
  • the nurturing of all of God’s people in discipleship;
  • collaborative ministry across the Ministry Area;
  • the realistic use of resources including church buildings and financial assets.

The Bishop’s Audit is intended as a health check for our Ministry Areas and is a tool to encourage the flourishing of the Ministry Area and the support of the Ministry Area Leader and Ministry Area Council. The Bishop’s Audit will help identify pockets of excellence which can be emulated and spread throughout the Diocese identify what support is needed for those parishes who are struggling.

Having visited the Usk Ministry Area during the summer, Bishop Richard and his team will be presenting their findings at an open meeting to which everyone is warmly invited and encouraged to attend.

This meeting is not just for Ministry Area Council members and PCCs, but for all those who attend one of our worshipping communities and will provide an important opportunity to hear Bishop Richard and his vision for our Ministry Area – so please put this date in your diary and come along.