St Wonnow’s, Wonastow

Wonastow NP25 4DN

The Parish of Wonastow is a rural community with a population of under one hundred. There has been a site of Christian worship on this site since the 8th century. A traditional Eucharist is offered here two Sundays a month, the parish being combined with nearby Mitchel Troy. There is a great deal of regard and affection for the church by the wider community as witnessed by the successful restoration programme in recent years.

The church is normally locked but visitors can obtain the key locally by prior arrangement with the Vicar or wardens.

Services at St Michael’s Mitchel Troy, and St Wonnow’s Wonastow

Note: Where there is a fifth Sunday in the month, the whole group of parishes worships together at a Group Eucharist at one of the churches. The time for this is 10.30am, or 10.00am if we are at St Mary’s.

1st Sunday 11am Family Service in St Michael’s
2nd Sunday 11am Holy Eucharist in St Michael’s
3rd Sunday 11am Holy Eucharist in St Wonnow’s
3rd Sunday 6pm Evening Prayer in St Michael’s
4th Sunday 11am Holy Eucharist in St Wonnow’s