A Service of Music and Readings for Advent at St. Mary’s Monmouth

21st November 2022

Get the Advent season underway with beautiful singing and readings to lead us towards Christmas. Join us at 6 pm on Sunday 27th November at St. Mary’s Monmouth.

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A Wedding with a Bridle and Grooming

27th June 2022

The St. Maughan’s church wedding of Kirsty Sullivan and Scott Millar of The Glen Farm, St Maughan’s Green involved some special four-legged guests.

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About the Monmouth Marches Ministry Area

20th February 2022

The Monmouth Ministry Area comprises of 19 churches in and around the town of Monmouth.

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Christmas Nativity

25th December 2021

Billy (aged 5) and Albie (aged 2) read the Nativity Story.

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How Maggie put the Gazetteer together

16th June 2021

Maggie Riches and the Gazetteer she made to feature all the beautiful churches in the Monmouth Ministry Area

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St. Thomas Transfiguration Sunday Service

14th February 2021

Our Sunday service at St. Thomas the Martyr Overmonnow with Rev. Margaret Cooling.

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Notes on the calendars and maps

29th November 2020

To actually see the codes, you need to go to the edit version of this page. Here are the codes to make maps, with the location codes Monmouth town group of parishes:  Monmouth rural group of parishes: Llanishen group of parishes Short codes for the calendars follow this pattern: Monmouth town group of parishes:    Note: to find the location_id that goes with a church, go to Events> Locations and … Read more

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Keep in touch

25th October 2020
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Coronel Remembrance and Holy Communion

24th October 2020

The annual Remembrance service for those sailors who lost their lives when HMS Monmouth went down with all hands on November 1st 1914. The service includes the singing of “Eternal father Strong to Save”. Also, in the second part of the video we share in Holy Communion. During this part of the service, Phillip Chant sings the Gloria and the Revd Tim shares a song that reminds us of the … Read more

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MONMOUTH PRAISE! The Online Presence of the Monmouth Ministry Area, Presents: A Harvest Service from Trelleck Grange

9th October 2020

  EUCHARISTIC SERVICE booklet (a hybrid service – part new, part old) Intercessions for 11 October 2020 (different from the one’s used in this service but may be used during the week)

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