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The Anglican Churches in the Monmouth Area

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Stilling of the Storm

24th March 2019

Bishop Dominic Walker, St Mary’s Monmouth 24.02.19

Every time I have visited the Holy Land I have seen new places – or familiar places but in a new way. Until last December, I had never seen the Sea of Galilee as anything but sunny and calm surrounded by beautiful mountains. Last time however, I saw it with the wind blowing, the rain pouring down and the waves looking angry.

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Sermon on the Baptism of Jesus

5th March 2019

Bishop Dominic, St Mary’s Church on January 19th
We have tended to understand that in moral terms so that we must repent of our sins,
and that then leads to the thorny question that arises from today’s
gospel. If Jesus was sinless, then why did he need to undergo a baptism of repentance?

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The Baptism of Christ

16th January 2019

Sermon by the Rev’d Janet Bromley at St Thomas’ Overmonnow, January 2019.

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Sermon: The “Dog-Woman, Jesus and the Gift of Grace”

24th August 2018

Read Fr David’s sermon from 19th August

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Feeding of the Five Thousand & Jesus walking on the water (John 6:1-21)

29th July 2018

Read Bishop Dominc’s Sermon from the Group Eucharist, Sunday 29th July

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Trinity Sunday

30th May 2018

Sermon preached by Fr David at St Thomas’ Church on Sunday 27th May

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Ten Lepers healed

10th February 2017

Sermon by Fr David McGladdery
The one who turned round and went back to Jesus – that one knew Jesus had more to give. Nine had been given their lives back, but only one was made whole by the total love received by coming into Jesus’ presence.

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Rev'd Janet Bromley's Sermon from Sunday 15th January 2017

20th January 2017

Sermon delivered at St Mary’s Priory Church

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Christmas Hope

31st December 2016

Fr David’s sermon Christmas 2016
Yes, the Christmas story is about chaos and mess – but it is also a story about the need to recognise hope in humility.

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Who is Mary?

18th December 2016

Fr David’s Sermon, 4th Sunday of Advent 2016
It matters how we depict people associated with our faith story. It matters how we depict Mary, and Jesus and Joseph.

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