The Anglican Churches in the Monmouth Ministry Area

The Anglican Churches in the Monmouth Marches Ministry Area


Christian Courage: A Sermon by Revd. Janet Bromley, 11th July 2021

14th July 2021

Revd. Janet tells the stories of modern Christian martyrs in the context of the courage of John the Baptist. Christians should speak out boldly and strongly against evil and wickedness in the world, whatever the cost in personal terms.

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Sermon for 3rd January 2021

3rd January 2021

This sermon was given by Reverend Tim at St Thomas’, Overmonnow.

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Sermon for “Christ the King” – the last Sunday before Advent

26th November 2020

Sunday 22nd November 2020 St Thomas’, Overmonnow. Sermon by the Reverend Janet Bromley.

‘In as much as you have done it to the least of these my brothers and sisters, you have done it to me!’

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The Feast of St. Luke – Bishop Dominic Walker

18th October 2020

Video of Bishop Dominic’s sermon on the Feast of Saint Luke and what the Gospel of Luke tells us about taking our mission out into the world. From the St. Wonnow’s live stream on Sunday October 18th.

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How do we resolve conflict?

15th September 2020

Sermon by Revd Janet Bromley
Sunday 6th September 2020 St Mary’s 8.00am

Matthew 18: 15-20

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Sermon for Easter 3

25th April 2020

Sermon on the Road to Emmaus, by Reverend Owen Williams

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Two stories about healing

15th October 2019

The two part nature of both these stories is important, they are about more than the physical cure of the two men. Jesus goes ahead of us too into all places and all situations – however dark – however evil – however bleak – and in these places we too can see him and learn to follow and to serve – to bring some essence of healing into the world’s grief. 

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Harvest Sermon at Mitchel Troy 2019

15th October 2019

by Revd Owen Williams, Sunday 29th Sept 2019

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The Kingdom and Treasure

23rd September 2019

Sermon by Bishop Dominic, St Thomas, Monmouth, Aug, 2019. Well, today’s Gospel begins with encouraging and comforting words, but then the comfort blanket is thrown off and we are challenged by what it means to live the life of the kingdom.

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Mary and Martha

23rd September 2019

Martha’s story is a reminder that no matter how busy we are, we need to choose the better part and find time to be with God and to listen to him. Sermon by Bishop Dominic, St Mary’s Monmouth 21 July 2019.

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