Monmouth Praise! Weekly Sunday 20th June

This week: news from St. Mary Tregaer; tidying up the grounds of St. Mary’s Priory Monmouth ready for the first post-lockdown wedding reception; how Maggie Riches put together the Gazetteer for all of the churches in the ministry area and why she was surprised how many Grade 1 and Grade 2* churches there are here.

Jane Stone

It is with enormous sadness that we heard the news of Jane Stone’s death on Friday morning following a serious head injury on Monday evening.

Jane Stone
Jane Stone

Jane was always so full of life and willing to share not only her time but also her faith in her care for others. She was a supportive and tireless churchwarden for many years and a hardworking sacristan who gave her considerable talents in ensuring that the highest standards were maintained behind the scenes of worship. She was a lively contributor to house groups and study groups, a welcoming hostess and she also made a significant contribution to St Thomas PCC. A fearless and loyal friend for all those who knew her well.

Monmouth Praise! Weekly 13th June

MPW June 13th

This week: the story of St. Denis’s church – or is it St. Dennis’s or St. Ishen’s? – and why did the vicar bury the Bible in his garden? Also, an update from St. Michael’s Mitchel Troy, where building work is well underway to open the church to a wider community. And a poem about the spirit of Christianity from the Welsh poet Harri Webb.

Monmouth Praise! Weekly 6th June

Rhiannon Wynne-Lord explains how we are restarting family services and what she hopes for. Meet John Jones, Thurifer – incense specialist – at St. Mary’s Monmouth. Revd. Tim uses Jesus’ words from the Gospel to remind us that anyone who says they have a commission from God to lord it over others in the church is deceiving themselves. Plus Home Communion with Revd. Karen.

4 PM at The Priory


For an unprecedented second week! Meeting together to do church differently at 4 this Sunday afternoon. Worship, fellowship, cake…

4PM at the Priory

We have launched a new Sunday afternoon worship service “4PM at the Priory”. Covid regulations mean numbers who can come to the Priory are limited of course. But the service will be available on Zoom and YouTube. Here’s a short sample of what it looked like on Zoom last Sunday.

If you’d like to join on Zoom, the link will be in the weekly notices from