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Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth

“When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem”

Reflections after a week of violence

Fr David’s Sermon 19 June 2016
There is nothing we encounter in life or death… that is not subject to the power of Jesus: the power to restore life, to forgive, to love, to heal, and to carry us through times we cannot bear on our own.

The Queen’s 90th Birthday

Fr David’s sermon 12 June 2016
Queen Elizabeth is a sovereign who serves, inspired by a God who serves. God is love and out of that love God became a single cell in Mary’s womb.

Prayer for our community

St Thomas’ Church, Tuesdays at 6pm
A time of informal silent prayer for our local community.
Just come for a few minutes and light a candle, or stay for longer.
Evening Prayer will be said at 6.30.

St Thomas’ Celebrates

It has been a weekend of celebrations at St Thomas’ Church, with a party in the hall and a special Trinity Sunday service…

Pentecost 2016 Photos

Group Eucharist at St Mary's for Pentecost 2016

Bishop Richard Pain, previous vicar of Monmouth, joined us for a group Eucharist at St Mary’s to celebrate Pentecost.

Fr David’s Pentecost Sermon

The Force at the heart of the Christian Faith is the power of the Holy Spirit. At first, the Force comes like a violent wind. Listen to the wind – at first you hear nothing, then it gives voice to voiceless branches as it blows through the trees

Rev Janet’s Ascensiontide sermon

Mountain tops are of course good vantage points – and just as the higher up we are the better the visual view: Ascension Day gives us a great spiritual and liturgical viewpoint.

Fr David’s Easter sermon

Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark… things happen early in the morning. Mornings are mystical and sacred.

Holy Week and Easter 2016

Catherine celebrates at St Thomas', Easter Day 2016

We have some lovely photos of some of our Holy Week and Easter events.