Ministry Team Click on a name to email  Phone
Team Vicar Rev Catherine Haynes 01600 715159
Assisting Clergy Rev Owen Williams 01600 711518
Rev Janet Bromley 01600 713847
Bishop Dominic Walker
Licensed Lay Minister Dr Martin Suter
Monmouth Parish Office email Office 01600 712034
Parish Secretary Cath Griffiths 01600 712034
Priory queries Priory Office 01600 712034
Magazine Editors Phil Bly, Margaret Ralph
and Sue Bennett
Magazine Advertising Bill Leddington 01600 714457
Website queries Anne Griffith  01600 712146
St Mary’s
Church Warden Mary Shaw
Church Warden Bev Lowton
PCC Minutes Secretary Sue Bennett
Treasurer Terry Cristofoli
Gift Aid Secretary Lynda Foster
Director of Music Ian Dollins
St Thomas’
Church Warden Kim Tabb
 Church Warden Sue White
Secretary Martha Howells
Treasurer and Gift Aid Bill Leddington
St Michael’s
Church Warden Liz Williams
Church Warden Barbara Stocker
Treasurer and Gift Aid Bill Leddington
Secretary Liz Williams
St Wonnow’s
Church Warden Heather Colls
 Church Warden Gaynor Roden
Secretary Gaynor Roden
Treasurer and Gift Aid Heather Colls