The Anglican Churches in the Monmouth Area

The Anglican Churches in the Monmouth Area


A Warm Welcome

Revd Catherine Haynes
Revd Catherine Haynes

“Whoever you are; wherever you come from, you are welcome here!”

The people of The Monmouth Group of Parishes try to make these words come alive by example. We are a community of four Anglican parishes in Monmouth and the immediate rural area and part of the Church in Wales.

Our worship is centred on the Eucharist and the sacramental life of God’s church, that we may grow as people who witness, live and experience God’s love at work in the ordinary rhythm of daily life.

In all our churches, you will find a warm welcome from people who strive to follow Jesus through prayer, fellowship and service to the wider community. Our churches are not places to be given answers, but safe places to ask questions, find reflective space and be ourselves before God who is love.

We seek to honour that diversity that strengthens us and enhances and enriches our life together. Our churches are places where we have the opportunity to continue our journey towards God together, young and old, encouraging and supporting one another and welcoming the visitor and the stranger with a hospitality that assures no one need travel alone.


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Community Events


    ‘A History of the Bible’ Seminars: Monthly based on John Barton’s ‘A History of the Bible’ will take place from 10.30am in the Geoffrey Room at Monmouth Priory. The next one is Saturday 16th November and will be taken by Bishop Dominc Walker  and entitled Christian Beginnings.  
St Michael’s Church, Mitchel Troy Annual Pet Service      Sunday November 17th at 3 .00pm  Dogs, tortoises, sheep, pigs, cats and butterflies and people all very welcome If you would like to bring a photograph of a pet that has died, there will be an  opportunity to place it on the altar where it will be remembered in prayer. Refreshments will follow the service    

Harvest Sermon at Mitchel Troy 2019

Revd Owen Williams, Sunday 29th Sept 2019
Perhaps we may be tempted to be comforted with a harvest festival with its familiar hymns, old pictures of harvests safely gathered in, and yes it is good that we can come together to celebrate – we are part of God’s creation and we offer thanks and recognise our stewardship that is given to us. But now we all have a nightmare facing us – wake up!


Two stories about healing

The two part nature of both these stories is important, they are about more than the physical cure of the two men. Jesus goes ahead of us too into all places and all situations – however dark – however evil – however bleak – and in these places we too can see him and learn to follow and to serve – to bring some essence of healing into the world’s grief. 


The Kingdom and Treasure

Sermon by Bishop Dominic, St Thomas, Monmouth, Aug, 2019. Well, today’s Gospel begins with encouraging and comforting words, but then the comfort blanket is thrown off and we are challenged by what it means to live the life of the kingdom.