The Anglican Churches in the Monmouth Area

The Anglican Churches in the Monmouth Area


A Warm Welcome

Revd Catherine Haynes
Revd Catherine Haynes

“Whoever you are; wherever you come from, you are welcome here!”

The people of The Monmouth Group of Parishes try to make these words come alive by example. We are a community of four Anglican parishes in Monmouth and the immediate rural area and part of the Church in Wales.

Our worship is centred on the Eucharist and the sacramental life of God’s church, that we may grow as people who witness, live and experience God’s love at work in the ordinary rhythm of daily life.

In all our churches, you will find a warm welcome from people who strive to follow Jesus through prayer, fellowship and service to the wider community. Our churches are not places to be given answers, but safe places to ask questions, find reflective space and be ourselves before God who is love.

We seek to honour that diversity that strengthens us and enhances and enriches our life together. Our churches are places where we have the opportunity to continue our journey towards God together, young and old, encouraging and supporting one another and welcoming the visitor and the stranger with a hospitality that assures no one need travel alone.

Get in touch!

Our previous vicar, The Reverend Canon David McGladdery, has moved to Bristol. During the current interregnum, please refer all enquiries to The Reverend Catherine Haynes:

  • 01600 715159
  • Fill in our Contact Form


You can see a full list of our usual services by following this link

Community Events


St Wonnow’s afternoon tea: Sunday August 25 4pm at   St Wonnow’s Church
Memorial Service for the late Roland Adams (OBE). Tuesday 13th August at 2.00pm at Wonastow Church, followed by the internment of Ashes.
Songs of Praise and Barbecue 18thAugust 5.30pmat Swallow Barn, Common Road, Mitchel Troy.  Everyone welcome but please let Owen or Liz know if you have special dietary needs. phone 01600 711518  
Monnow Magazine: Reminder that the deadline for articles for the September Magazine is August 10th
Guardians: Monmouth School are looking for Guardians for overseas students for exeat weekends only (twice a year). If you are able to help, please contact Joan Wakeling: 01531 633 188.

The Pool at Bethesda

Sermon by Rev Janet Bromley, Sunday 26th May 2019  St Thomas
…But is this telling us the truth about God’s healing power – is it intermittent – only there for those who can beat the queue?


Sermon for Trinity Sunday

Archdeacon Ambrose Mason, at St Thomas’ Church 16th June 2019.
This Sunday our Readings tell us quite a lot about God and we are given some insights into him as God-who-is-three-persons.


Faith in Art Talks

‘The Friends of Jesus’ by Barbara Bell. Do come along and share in exploring inspiration paintings, discussing how art can encourage and deepen our faith. Thursday 2nd May: John the Baptist Thursday 20th June: Thomas Thursday 18th July: John the Beloved Disciple Thursday 12th September: Mary Magdalene Refreshments will be served from 7pm.