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Today's Monmouth Marches Ministry Area inherits a thousand years and more of Christian history. Our churches are ancient centres of worship and 21st century resources for our communities. Some have been reshaped by generous Victorians. Others remain simple chapels built for monks before Henrey VIII dissolved the monasteries. All are beautiful in their different ways. Please visit them and share in their beauty and peace when you can: access can be arranged by using the places page on this website. And we have created video tours of some of them, which you can find on the resources page of this website.

Notices from the Monmouth Marches Ministry Area

Faure’s Requiem at St. Mary’s Monmouth

By Dan | 19th October 2023

Monmouth Choral Society and The Regency Sinfonia
More details:

Craft and Gift Fayre in aid of Tregaer Village Hall and Church

By Dan | 19th October 2023

A Night At The Races: Llanishen Hall Saturday 21st October

By Dan | 19th October 2023

Dingestow and Penyclawdd Quiz

By Dan | 19th October 2023

Monmouth Marches Ministry Area is Official!

By Dan | 10th December 2022

Working Together, Building Together, Worshipping Together. Monmouth Marches Ministry Area is launched.

Church Street and St. Mary’s Making Movies

By Dan | 14th November 2022

When Soho moved to Church Street

Wonder Zone Holiday Club at the Priory

By Dan | 6th August 2022

Twenty-four children welcomed at our Wonder Zone holiday club. Lots of hands-on fun with science and faith.

Our Lady of the Waters

By Dan | 25th August 2022

Our Lady of the Waters arrives in Monmouth for a special Evensong to highlight the worsening pollution in the River Wye

Many of our people were involved in producing videos to encourage and support our congregations during the pandemic. Click on the 'resources' button below to watch these videos.


One of our churches, St Nicholas, Trellech

This beautiful church serves the community of Trellech and its surrounds. For more information about this and our many other churches please click on the blue 'places' button at the top of this page.

St Mary's Priory Church, Monmouth

St Marys Dusk by Rhiannon

Meet our Team Priests and Deacons

Other key people within the Ministry Area

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